Three American Remakes Of Foreign Shows That Were Completely Awful

spacedSometimes, a TV remake can be a great thing. For example, both the original UK version of The Office and the American version received a great deal of critical acclaim.

However, not every remake has been a big success. Some have been absolutely terrible. These three American remakes made viewers everywhere want to turn off their TV sets.


Spaced is one of the most beloved British shows of all time. The show helped to propel Simon Pegg into stardom. Unfortunately, the American version of Spaced wasn’t very well received. Those who watched the pilot for the show said that is was “painful” to watch. Thankfully, the show was scrapped before they shot any further episodes.

Fawlty Towers

Americans have tried time and time again to remake the beloved show Fawlty Towers. They tried shooting a version that starred Betty White, then tried a version with Bea Arthur. Eventually, they hired John Larroquette and renamed the show “Payne.” None of these shows were remotely successful.


After the success of Friends, British television producers came up with their own take on the show: a program called Coupling. The show was fairly successful.

Unfortunately, the history of Coupling doesn’t end there. American producers decided that they wanted to do an American version of Coupling — even though the show originally was based on Friends — an American program. It was canceled after 4 episodes and a slew of negative reviews. Even TV producers admitted that the show “sucked.” Let’s be honest, it’s impossible to remake Friends.

Remakes aren’t always a bad thing. Some remakes, like Shameless, manage to put a fresh new spin on a show’s original premise. Other remakes allow people to explore new and exciting concepts.

Some remakes, however, are best forgotten. These shows didn’t just fail to live up to their predecessors. They failed to impress anyone at all.

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The Difference Between Pakistani Fashion and Western Design

Pakistani fashion continues to earn applause around the world for its stunning attention to detail, but there’s always a comparison made to Western Designer designs.

It’s important to note there are differences between the two that resonate across all types of clothing that are put on.

1) Emphasis on Flowing Designs

One of the major traits that are seen with Pakistani fashion has to do with their flowing designs. This is one of those staple requirements that is seen with Pakistani clothing.

The designs tend to flow a bit rather than hugging the body, and that is seen with various outfits. It is a big part of how clothing is used in Pakistan.

2) Traditional Headgear

This isn’t always the case, but headgear does play a bigger role in Pakistani fashion than it does in Western designs. This has to do with some of the traditional headgear from provinces such as Sindh and Punjab.

This headgear adds to the visual appeal of the outfit and is a part of how it is presented when put on. This does add a new look to the overall outfit that isn’t seen with Western designs.

3) Shawl Plays Prominent Role

The shawl is a major feature in Pakistani fashion and is not as common with Western designs. This is done as a way to remain covered but has also transcended into a general look that is used by fashion designers in the region.

These are the major differences that are seen when it comes to Western designs and Pakistani fashion. It’s important to note Pakistani fashion does look to invest time in these details and see what it can use to maximize its designs.

There is always a difference when it comes to the final articles of clothing that are put on but the love for fashion resonates in Pakistan.


Quality Speech and Language Pathology Training in California

For those who are looking to get into speech and language pathology training, you need to take the right steps moving forward. Many people don’t know what they have to do as they enter the field and this can confuse them. It is important to have a good understanding of the basics when it comes to this sort of training, and it is best to take a look at what others are doing.

Here is more on what a prospective specialist would require if they were to tread down this path looking forĀ SLP job opportunities in the market.

ASHA Accredited Training Is Required

The ASHA or American Speech-Language-Hearing Association is the gold standard of what is accredited in the nation. Those who are not using their approval to sign off on their programs are not providing the training you should be looking for in the field. You want to make sure any program or course you take will have the ASHA approval on offer.

This is the one way you will know the training is good and you will get full value from it if you are to pursue the option fully.

It is essential to look into this in advance.

You can look at some of the local options when it comes to colleges in the area because many quality programs are going. There are specialized programs in California that are being run around this premise and have students applying.

You have to take all of these things into account as you are deciding what route to take. There are many ways to go down this path as long as you are going to an accredited institution that provides detailed training for you and your needs in the career path you have selected.

Where Should You Choose To Live In NYC?

If you want to relocate to NYC, you will need to think carefully about where you will live. This question carries a load of possibilities, but several factors affect where you will choose to reside. Here are some tips on how to choose where to live in NYC.

First, you should check your budget. If you have enough money to spend on an expensive apartment with couple of spare room, then you can choose to stay in some of the better locations like the upper east side. If you have a medium budget, then you can choose to live in Tribeca or SoHo. These two are only the most popular places if you want to have access to most of the other areas in NYC.
Another factor to consider is the commute. How far is the distance between your place of work and your home? You do not want to be forced to take two trains just to get to work. Using the subway can prove to be quite hectic. if you work in Manhattan and are not capable of affording an apartment there, you can rent a place in Dumbo. This place is perfect as it gives you easy access to both Brooklyn and Manhattan.

If you are a big fan of the night and enjoy getting out of the house every once in a while, then avoid places that do not have a vibrant nightlife. Places like the Upper East Side will require you to pay a cab to take you to the livelier places. This will add to your expenses. You can opt to live in Hell%u2019s Kitchen instead or Greenwich Village if you want a good number of restaurants to choose from.
Furthermore, if you want a peaceful place to reside, then think Kips Bay. It is quiet and calm, not to mention ideal for a family.

How Does The Process Of Bail Bonds Work?

When a person is arrested typically on suspicion of a particular crime in NJ, that individual is taken to a law-enforcement agent to jail for the purpose of booking. During this particular process, the individual will have mug shots taken, fingerprints and asked to write a statement. While this person waits for their day in a court of law, the person will be confined to jail in NJ unless she or he is released what is known as on bail.


What Is Bail?

Bail is known as a type of financial agreement that bail bonding agencies make on behalf of a criminal defendant. A bail bondsman acts in the name of the accused and arranges with a court to release the suspect from the jail before the trial when exchanging collateral or money. This may be a bond, assets or cash and the court will decide on the value in monetary terms for this bail.

The bails bond agency holds the responsibility of making sure this person arrives for their court date for their trial. If the individual fails to get on the time of their trial in court, the bail agency can hire what is known as a bounty hunter to find this person. The US is one of the few countries worldwide that still allows what is known as bounty hunting. A bail bond is a type of surety that a full amount of the bail will be settled. However, a few courts accept either a 10% cash down payment or the full bond payment to release a suspect.

When the bail bondsman that works for an agency, provides the fee needed to release the suspect, this bondsman will charge an amount of around 10% of the money required to settle the bail. This fee is nonrefundable even when a case has been thrown out once the suspect has posted bail.

Is Law & Order Accurate In Its Portrayal Of The Law?

lawandorder01Law and Order is a very popular television show that ran for years, had had spin-offs and will be played in syndication for decades. It bases many of its stories on actual events. However, the characters are fictional and the story lines can stray from the real life events about as far as its accuracy of the depiction of the law and court proceedings can stray from how things are handled in real life. The same goes for the men and women in blue and how detectives handle the cases.

Cases featured on Law and Order tend to move through the court system quite quickly if you’ve noticed, faster than http://www.speedybailbondsnj.com, the bail bond company that has the reputation of being the fastest in the business. The pace in which Law and Order moves is not going to happen in real life. Even though each episode is an hour long, the time is split between the detective work and the actual court proceedings surrounding a case. A television show is never going to accurately display the law and all of its tediousness, yet a show only devoted to courtroom drama might do a much better job than Law and Order.

When watching an episode of Law and Order, you’re privy to segments in the courtroom that typically last only a few minutes. There are several of them sprinkled throughout each show as the case unfolds towards its resolution. One of the most inaccurate portrayals of the law in this television show is how people are questioned in the courtroom. Have you ever noticed how the attorneys are always in star mode, ready to rip everyone apart?

In real life, courtroom questioning is much more meticulous. There can be those shining moments, but lawyers aren’t always so suave. The law isn’t always so suave, as the justice system can take quite some time to work its way through a muddled case. The same goes for those detectives, and that is why no, Law and Order is fun to watch but not highly accurate in regards to real life cases.

ABFAB: British Invasion

According to Wikipedia, there are 136 American shows that are based off of or are an American remake of an original British show. As Paul Revere said, “The British are coming!” Basically, we might we have won the American revolution but we still steal a lot of ideas from them. Here’s some of the more notable American TV shows that are based on an original British TV program:

  • The Office – a mockumentary comedy that revolves around a group of office works. The American version starred Steve Carrel while the British version starred Ricky Gervais.
  • Hells Kitchen and MasterChef – two reality cooking shows with the famous check Gordon Ramsey.
  • Queer as Folk – this drama only lasted one season in the UK but lasted six in the US. Considered to be the first show that truly depicted gay life.
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway – improv comedy show