The Difference Between Pakistani Fashion and Western Design

Pakistani fashion continues to earn applause around the world for its stunning attention to detail, but there’s always a comparison made to Western Designer designs.

It’s important to note there are differences between the two that resonate across all types of clothing that are put on.

1) Emphasis on Flowing Designs

One of the major traits that are seen with Pakistani fashion has to do with their flowing designs. This is one of those staple requirements that is seen with Pakistani clothing.

The designs tend to flow a bit rather than hugging the body, and that is seen with various outfits. It is a big part of how clothing is used in Pakistan.

2) Traditional Headgear

This isn’t always the case, but headgear does play a bigger role in Pakistani fashion than it does in Western designs. This has to do with some of the traditional headgear from provinces such as Sindh and Punjab.

This headgear adds to the visual appeal of the outfit and is a part of how it is presented when put on. This does add a new look to the overall outfit that isn’t seen with Western designs.

3) Shawl Plays Prominent Role

The shawl is a major feature in Pakistani fashion and is not as common with Western designs. This is done as a way to remain covered but has also transcended into a general look that is used by fashion designers in the region.

These are the major differences that are seen when it comes to Western designs and Pakistani fashion. It’s important to note Pakistani fashion does look to invest time in these details and see what it can use to maximize its designs.

There is always a difference when it comes to the final articles of clothing that are put on but the love for fashion resonates in Pakistan.