Is Law & Order Accurate In Its Portrayal Of The Law?

lawandorder01Law and Order is a very popular television show that ran for years, had had spin-offs and will be played in syndication for decades. It bases many of its stories on actual events. However, the characters are fictional and the story lines can stray from the real life events about as far as its accuracy of the depiction of the law and court proceedings can stray from how things are handled in real life. The same goes for the men and women in blue and how detectives handle the cases.

Cases featured on Law and Order tend to move through the court system quite quickly if you’ve noticed, faster than, the bail bond company that has the reputation of being the fastest in the business. The pace in which Law and Order moves is not going to happen in real life. Even though each episode is an hour long, the time is split between the detective work and the actual court proceedings surrounding a case. A television show is never going to accurately display the law and all of its tediousness, yet a show only devoted to courtroom drama might do a much better job than Law and Order.

When watching an episode of Law and Order, you’re privy to segments in the courtroom that typically last only a few minutes. There are several of them sprinkled throughout each show as the case unfolds towards its resolution. One of the most inaccurate portrayals of the law in this television show is how people are questioned in the courtroom. Have you ever noticed how the attorneys are always in star mode, ready to rip everyone apart?

In real life, courtroom questioning is much more meticulous. There can be those shining moments, but lawyers aren’t always so suave. The law isn’t always so suave, as the justice system can take quite some time to work its way through a muddled case. The same goes for those detectives, and that is why no, Law and Order is fun to watch but not highly accurate in regards to real life cases.