Three American Remakes Of Foreign Shows That Were Completely Awful

spacedSometimes, a TV remake can be a great thing. For example, both the original UK version of The Office and the American version received a great deal of critical acclaim.

However, not every remake has been a big success. Some have been absolutely terrible. These three American remakes made viewers everywhere want to turn off their TV sets.


Spaced is one of the most beloved British shows of all time. The show helped to propel Simon Pegg into stardom. Unfortunately, the American version of Spaced wasn’t very well received. Those who watched the pilot for the show said that is was “painful” to watch. Thankfully, the show was scrapped before they shot any further episodes.

Fawlty Towers

Americans have tried time and time again to remake the beloved show Fawlty Towers. They tried shooting a version that starred Betty White, then tried a version with Bea Arthur. Eventually, they hired John Larroquette and renamed the show “Payne.” None of these shows were remotely successful.


After the success of Friends, British television producers came up with their own take on the show: a program called Coupling. The show was fairly successful.

Unfortunately, the history of Coupling doesn’t end there. American producers decided that they wanted to do an American version of Coupling — even though the show originally was based on Friends — an American program. It was canceled after 4 episodes and a slew of negative reviews. Even TV producers admitted that the show “sucked.” Let’s be honest, it’s impossible to remake Friends.

Remakes aren’t always a bad thing. Some remakes, like Shameless, manage to put a fresh new spin on a show’s original premise. Other remakes allow people to explore new and exciting concepts.

Some remakes, however, are best forgotten. These shows didn’t just fail to live up to their predecessors. They failed to impress anyone at all.